With the recent influx of questions, we created this FAQ section for common answers.

Q: What kind of convention is BlueyFest Online?

A: BlueyFest is an online convention accessible to anyone and is rated as a PG convention and suitable for all ages.

Q: Is BlueyFest Online appropriate for children?

A: Yes, BlueyFest Online is appropriate for children. The event is designed to be family-friendly and is suitable for attendees of all ages.

Q: Who are the organisers of BlueyFest?

A: BlueyFest is being run by the team who run PonyFest Online. They are a highly dedicated and experienced team who have previously run 6 successful online My Little Pony conventions. They are now applying their expertise to the Bluey scene to bring you an interactive and engaging experience.

Q: Are there any measures in place to ensure that BlueyFest remains PG-rated?

A: Yes, the organizers of BlueyFest prohibits any behaviour or content that may be deemed inappropriate or offensive, and the organizers reserve the right to remove any attendees who violate these rules. Additionally, all content that is presented at the event has been approved by the organizers beforehand to ensure that it is appropriate for all ages.

Q: Where do I engage and tune in?

A: We have collaborated with PonyTown to give a sense of immersion straight from your browser. This will be the best place to watch and engage with others from the Bluey fandom. It will be available here: https://event.pony.town/ BlueyFest is powered by the team from PonyFest, so is using their official Twitch channel where attendees can watch live streams of the event. The official Twitch channel can be found at https://www.twitch.tv/ponyfest

Q: What is Discord and why is BlueyFest using it?

A: Discord is a communication platform where users can create servers to chat, voice chat, and share content with others. BlueyFest is utilising the PonyFest Online official Discord server. This is where attendees can connect with one another, participate in voice and text chats, view the vendor halls and merchandise, as well as stay up-to-date on the latest event news and announcements. The official Discord server can be found at https://discord.gg/nSDGJCg

Q: Do I need to register for the event to participate in BlueyFest Online?

A: No, you do not need to register for the event to watch BlueyFest Online on Twitch, it is open to all attendees and you can join at any time. However, to engage in PonyTown or Discord, you will need to have an account with both of those platforms.

Q: What content can I expect to find on BlueyFest Online?

A: BlueyFest Online on Twitch will feature a livestream of the event including panels, discussions, music, games and more. The official chat will take place on the PonyFest Discord, which will allow attendees to interact with one another and ask questions during the livestreams.

In the official Discord server, attendees can connect with one another through voice and text chats, visit the vendor hall and browse wares and merchandise, and participate in community discussions. Additionally, the server will be used to make important event announcements and to provide attendees with up-to-date information about the event schedule and programming.