Charity T-Shirt

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All money raised from this shirt not used for production, handling and shipping goes directly to Guide Dogs For America:

Guide Dogs For America is one of the major organizations in the United States specialized in raising, training and connecting guide dogs with people in need. Through their training and placement programmes, based on the Assistance Dogs International standard, Guide Dogs For America provides service dogs for people with visual impairments, for veterans, for autistic youth as well as care facilities. A well raised and trained dog is not only an adorable household member, but an invaluable companion to help people in need - They enable people with vision disabilities to safely navigate their surroundings, they support victims of trauma and mental struggles through their journey, and they generally give people the means to participate in daily life a lot more easily and confidently. From connecting individuals in need with the right dog for their needs to adding an invaluable mental health support staff member to places such as victim advocate centers, hospitals and schools, Guide Dogs For America does its part to bring out the best in both animals and humans alike.

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Q: Are there only 100 shirts available?

A: No, there are an infinite number of shirts to be had! 100 is just an initial goal, and one we would very much like to beat!

Q: Do these shirts ship internationally?

A: Yes! Printing, processing and shipping is directly handled by CustomInk, and they offer worldwide shipping!

Q: Does the shirt come in a different fit?

A: Unfortunately not! We offer the shirt at a unisex fit, available in sizes YS to 4XL. Please check out the fundraiser page for a more detailed sizing guide!